ABA Services

These services are typically provided by trained professionals who use data-driven strategies to evaluate progress and tailor treatment plans to the individual's needs. ABA services can be delivered in a variety of settings, including homes, schools, and out in the community, and can be highly effective in improving communication, social skills, and independence for individuals with autism and related disorders.


40 Hour RBT Training

Sign up today to advance your career as a Registered Behavior Technician. Live instruction held via zoom by a certified BCBA. First 20 hours is live instruction held via zoom by a certified BCBA and the remaining 20 hours completed online/self paced. Contact us to sign up today. (Individual training is also available. Inquire for more info).

Social Skills Program

Our social skills program for 2-5-year-olds is designed to help young children develop important social and emotional skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. These programs typically focus on teaching children how to communicate effectively, manage their emotions, make friends, and resolve conflicts in a positive way. The curriculum of these programs may include activities such as role-playing, storytelling, puppet shows, and group games, all of which are designed to encourage children to practice and develop their social skills in a fun and engaging way.

Parent Training

Parent education is an incremental part of your child’s program. Research indicates higher and more rapid clinical outcomes in intervention programs wherein parent education and participation are maximized. Parent coaching may include observation, modeling of skills, and data collection during and/or outside of therapy sessions.

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